Eid will be Sunday 5/24/2020 Happy Eid
Happy Eid and Eid mubarak Eid will be Sunday 5/24/2020 Due to anticipated rain tomorrow morning... Salaah will be held at the Masjid. Takbirat start at 7:30AM Salat and Khotba At 8:00AM. === SOCIAL === DISTANCING === APPLIED === Looking forward to seeing you in Eid prayer Get directions to attend Salat-ul-Eid Address: 1218 New York Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698 Masjid Alsalam we extend our congrats and thanks to all of Dunedin community mem... Read more >>>
Reminder iftar drive thru tomorrow Tuesday 19th of May
Reminder iftar drive thru tomorrow Tuesday 19th of May at Dunedin masjid at 1218 New York Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698. You are all invited to come . we have 250 meal.You do not need to leave your car. Delicious iftar and pizza provided for the children. Pick up between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm (first come, first serve Basis until supplies end). There will be 2 zakat boxes outside:for zakat almal and zakat el fitr if you need to pay any of them.There are mo... Read more >>>
Join Masjid Al-Salam during the Holy
Join Masjid Al-Salam during the Holy Month of Ramadan Join Masjid Al-Salam during the Holy Month of Ramadan and help the community while gaining hasana (good deeds) during this special month. Ways to keep the spirit of Ramadan during this trying time of social distancing are outlined in  our first ever newsletter. We hope that you are able to join in on the many activities our Masjid is doing for the sake of Allah SWT and for the sake ... Read more >>>
ISNP wishes the community a Blessed Ramadan 2020
The Islamic Society of North Pinellas Areawishes the community a Blessed Ramadan! 2020 The first day of fasting will be on Friday, April 24, 2020. Abdullah Ibn Umar narratesAbdullah Ibn Abbas narrates that Allah’s Messenger (Sallahu alayhi wa Salam) once mentioned Ramadan and said, “Do not start the fast or break it until you see the new moon. If the new moon is obscured from you, then complete a full thirty days.” (al-Bukhari... Read more >>>
ISNP sadly announce that all activities in our Masjid Alsalam will be suspended
Alsalam Alikom brothers and sisters of our beloved ISNP Islamic Society of North Pinellas community.After closely monitoring the evolving situation relating to COVID-19 Coronavirus in the USA in general and Tampa Bay Area in particular and to adapt our Masjid preparedness plan according to federal law of our US and ISNP bylaws accordingly.With the safety of our congregation and community being of utmost importance, we sadly announce to you that a... Read more >>>
United Faiths Walk of Peace 2020 Event
We are happy to announce the 2020 United Faiths Walk of Peace Begin at Masjid Al-Salaam - 1218 New York Ave. Dunedin SUNDAY, JANUARY 26 from  2:00 - 5:00 pm Mission Statement:The Mission of the United Faiths Walk of Peace is to promote peace, justice, and mutual respect by bringing the faith communities of a region together for fellowship, dialogue, and increased knowledge of each other’s faith believe. Masjid Al_salaam in D... Read more >>>
Masjid Al-Salam Islamic Sunday school 2019-2020 year starting on Sept 8 inshallah
Masjid Al-Salam Sunday SchoolWe are happy to announce the Islamic Sunday school 2019-2020 year starting on Sept 8 inshallah.Registration AND start date: Sept 8School times: 9:30-1:30 (Duhr prayer afterward)Please arrive early on Sept 8 to registerBoys and girls ages 5 and up are welcomeCore Subjects:*Islamic Studies and manners*Quran memorization*Learning supplications (short duaa)*Learning about Hadith of the Prophet (SAW)*Fun activities and out... Read more >>>
Guest speaker from CAIR special presentation on: School Discrimination - Hate incidents
Salamu Alaykum Dear Community,Please join us on August 2nd  at 7:00 pm  Insh'Allah for a community dinner followed by a presentation.A guest speaker  from  CAIR  ( Council on American - Islamic Relation) will be coming to  give a special presentation on :School Discrimination - Hate incidents BBQ will be provided by Masjid. Side dishes by the community.We hope to see all Insh'Allah.Masjid Al-Salaam ... Read more >>>
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Assalmo Alykom Brothers and sisters,Masjid Al-Salaam would like to invite you to our Community Dinner.Friday, Nov 22 Between Magrib and Ishaa prayersDinner provided by the Masjid, community members are encouraged to provide sides.There is a lecture every Friday and a Quran session on Saturday, both after Magrib.
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Assalamu Alaykum, Please join us for a community dinner this coming Friday, September 13th Insha'Allah at 7:00 pm followed by great lectures by our respected guest speakers :Sheikh Ahmed Essam leader of New Port Richey Masjid, Sheikh Muhammad Yahia leader of Brandon Masjid and our Imam Sheikh Galal Abdelwahed. We encourage everyone to attend this opportunity to benefit from these great scholars. Dinner will be served at 7:30 Sharp. Lectures will start right after Maghreb Insha'Allah. Masjid will provide BBQ chicken for dinner. Side dishes by the community. Jazakom'Allah and see you all on Friday, Masjid Al-Salaam Dunedin.